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        In what modern fields have thermoplastic elastomers been used

        2020-10-16 1427

        Thermoplastic elastomer is a new type of synthetic material. Its special performance has far exceeded that of the same type of material known from nature. At the same time, its cost has been greatly reduced and its cost performance is very high. Therefore, it is also very popular in the industry. In addition, the main products of thermoplastic elastomer manufacturers have been widely used in the following fields.


        Nowadays, the automobile industry is developing in the direction of high performance, low weight and safety. Rubber and plastic composites are gradually replacing metal materials, which opens up a very broad prospect for the application of polyurethane elastomers. The installation of airbag in automobile is the need of the development of modern automobile industry and plays an important role in protecting the life safety of drivers. This kind of airbag must have certain strength to withstand high-speed impact, and also have good low-temperature flexibility. It is suitable to be made of polyurethane. The amount of glue used for each airbag is about 300g. Most cars in China have not been equipped with airbags, so the market demand is very large. Utilize the high strength and high bearing capacity of polyurethane elastomer. It can be used to manufacture tyres for medium and low-speed trucks, with strength and high bearing capacity. It can also be used to manufacture tyres for medium and low-speed trucks, with a bearing capacity 7 times that of tyres of the same specification made of natural rubber. In recent years, a new type of green polyurethane composite tire is under research and development. It takes the new and old rubber flat tire as the matrix and is poured with a certain thickness of polyurethane rubber surface layer with high wear resistance and puncture resistance.


        The traditional asphalt felt waterproof material has been gradually replaced by the durable polyurethane waterproof material for the overall construction; Ten years ago, the stadium runway only used polyurethane pavement materials in national official competition venues, but now most provincial and municipal stadiums and universities use polyurethane pavement materials, while universities, even some primary and secondary schools have also paved polyurethane runway; Expansion joints of large bridges in flight. The polyurethane elastomer cured at room temperature has also been used as the sleeper of high-speed railway for airport runway and highway joints. Polyurethane elastomers are used as sleepers for tunnels and bridges of Shinkansen railway in Japan, making full use of the characteristics of polyurethane elasticity, light weight, good shock absorption and aging resistance. It has good promotion value.




        Coal mines, metal mines and non-metal mines have a great demand for non-metallic materials with wear resistance, high strength and high elasticity. In many coal plants, polyurethane elastic sieve plates are used to replace heavy metal sieve plates. In doing so, thermoplastic elastomer manufacturers not only greatly prolong the service life of sieve plates, but also greatly reduce the service life of sieve plates. The operating environment is noisy, and the effect of energy saving and consumption reduction is obvious. Others include solid separation hydrocyclone, flame retardant anti-static wear-resistant conveyor belt, solid wheel of mining monorail crane, bonding plate of coal mine grouting machine, oil seal of 10000t electric vehicle, etc. IC wheel dump truck and high-voltage cable sheath cold patching glue have also played a great role in mine construction. At present, there are many wear-resistant and elastic mining products waiting for our development and promotion.


        (thermoplastic elastomer manufacturer) believes that good biocompatibility, blood compatibility and lack of additives are important reasons for the application of TPU and CPU materials in the medical field. At present, successful medical elastomers include endotracheal intubation, prosthesis, family planning plugging agent, skull defect repair materials, condoms, etc. Their application prospects in the field of medical and health care are also very broad.

        Source: Jiangmen engineering plastics http://www.auldman.com/


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